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English Language free essay sample

Proficiency The Critical Link to Reading Comprehension Lets Talk About It! Supports Oral Language Development with ELLS Our Changing Population The number of ELLS attending U. S. schools has grown exponentially, and this trend will continue. According to the 2000 census, 9 million children between the ages of 5-17 speak a language other than English at home. Approximately 44% of all ELLS are currently in preK-3 grade classrooms. Previously teachers did not have to think about the rate of speech, choice of words, and the strategic use of language. These critical ssues must be addressed. Research Support Educators are coming to see the importance of oral language acquisition and its impact on success in school. Researchers such as, Betty Hart and Todd R. Risley, child psychologists at the University of Kansas, have conducted intensive research on language acquisition and school success of children from socio economic or working class families as compared to children whose parents were professionals. We will write a custom essay sample on English language or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page When all variables were accounted for, increased oral language development and subsequent school success came down to one simple factor†the number of words parents spoke o the child, not surprisingly, the kinds of words and statements that each child heard varied by class. The kinds of conversations parents and teachers have with students matters! Encouraging and increasing complex language spoken to a child increase their oral language acquisition, which in early childhood correlate strongly to increased I. Q. and academic success (Chard, 2006). Many children arrive at elementary school with strong oral language due to their prior five years of listening and speaking the English language. They are able to communicate basic ideas and feelings clearly. However, many other students come to school with limited or no English language acquisition, although they more than likely possess some level of oral language proficiency in their native language. It is these children that benefit the most from daily, explicit, and intentional oral language development. Mondos Program Research: Mondos Research Support Effects on English Language Learners Since 1998, Mondo instigated multiple, third-party evaluative studies (quasi- experimental, experimental and matched evaluations) One of these studies looked at the impact of Mondos BEL BOOKSHOP Program on ohorts of schools in three urban school districts. The study was conducted by two universities (Hill, Jaggar, 2002). Hill conducted further analysis of these data to demonstrate the impact of the treatment on elementary school English Language Learners. The findings were substantial and educationally important (Hill, 2003). The study showed that ELL students started behind levels of all other students in the Kindergarten grade, but then quickly caught up in their second year of schooling. While a lower percentage ot Kindergarten ELL students met the year-end minimum reading text level, when compared with all other Kindergarten students.

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Othello Iago free essay sample

Othello, Iago # 8217 ; s Successful Infection Of The Moor Essay, Research Paper In the calamity Othello, by William Shakespeare the character traits and manners of both Iago and Othello are reverent to the secret plan and subjects of the drama. In Act III Scene three, the treatment between the two sing Desdemona # 8217 ; s fidelity illustrates Othello # 8217 ; s assurance in his relationships with both his married woman Desdemona and Iago. That same transition besides displays the delusory scruples of Iago, who is be aftering to take advantage of Othello # 8217 ; s trust. Othello in peculiar is the most celebrated illustration of William Shakespeare # 8217 ; s ability to organize characters like no 1 else. Combined with his imaginativeness, Shakespeare # 8217 ; s literary manner brings to life literature # 8217 ; s most complex tragic characters. Both the subject and secret plan of Othello revolve around the literary content in conversations like the one chosen. In Act III scene three, the audience is assured that Othello has arrant trust in both his married woman Desdemona and his good friend Iago because he speaks with such assurance in them. We will write a custom essay sample on Othello Iago or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Othello # 8217 ; s confident manner of address is an illustration of Shakespeare # 8217 ; s talented usage of tragic sarcasm. Through the usage of his confident linguistic communication Othello proclaims that his married woman # 8221 ; had eyes and take # 8221 ; ( 2135 ) him because she loved him. He boasts to Iago that these unfaithfulness intuitions are # 8221 ; exsufflicate and blowed # 8221 ; ( 2135 ) ; blown out of proportion. The issue of race surfaces when Shakespeare inserts a intimation of carnal imagination by holding the Moor comparison himself to a caprine animal. Earlier in the drama, Iago refers to Othello as a # 8221 ; black random-access memory # 8221 ; and at this point Othello himself suggests that he would simply be a # 8221 ; caprine animal # 8221 ; if Iago # 8217 ; s guess is true. The linguistic communication and manner of Othello # 8217 ; s address is so confident that one could construe it as being chesty. The linguistic communication of this addr ess is dry because accordingly Othello does lose his esthesia and is controlled by Iago as if he were merely as animate being. Historically speech production, Othello # 8217 ; s linguistic communication is dry because he is the # 8221 ; Moor # 8220 ; , and in Elizabethan England should be spoken to with such authorization. During this period in clip minorities had really small power and / or instruction and were given no regard at all by European society. Relative to the secret plan, this linguistic communication is dry because the almighty Moor Othello ends up falling at the custodies of Iago and other # 8221 ; white # 8221 ; Europeans. The calamity # 8217 ; s subject of green-eyed monster is foreshadowed throughout the context of Othello # 8217 ; s gallant address to Iago. Shakespeare # 8217 ; s stylistic usage of the literary device of repeat subtly surfaces the jealousy subject in the Moor # 8217 ; s context. The beginning of the transition illustrates Othello # 8217 ; s haughtiness when he proclaims that such # 8221 ; fresh intuitions # 8220 ; ( 2135 ) would neer do such a strong witted adult male as himself to go covetous. The 2nd clip Othello references green-eyed monster he does so in a humourous context by inquiring Iago if he should experience covetous about holding such an outgoing married woman. This comes back to seize with teeth Othello because his green-eyed monster of Cassio is fueled by Desdemona # 8217 ; s surpassing personality. The 3rd clip he mentions green-eyed monster, Othello foreshadows the terminal of his matrimony by stating # 8221 ; off at one time # 8221 ; ( 2135 ) upon ocular o r hearable truth of Desdemona # 8217 ; s unfaithfulness. Ironically his head and esthesia goes # 8221 ; off at one time # 8221 ; after Iago gives Othello # 8221 ; proof # 8221 ; that Desdemona has had an matter with Cassio. Othello believes Iago because after he states # 8221 ; And on the cogent evidence, there is no more but this: off at one time with love or green-eyed monster # 8221 ; ( 2135 ) it is high that that cogent evidence is Iago # 8217 ; s word. This trust in Iago proves to be one of Othello # 8217 ; s many tragic defects that accordingly lead him to his decease. One of the greatest scoundrels in literary history is Shakespeare # 8217 ; s Iago, from Othello. Iago is the most complex adversary that Shakespeare # 8217 ; s imaginativeness has formulated. Iago is a downright immorality, delusory, selfish adult male who cares merely for his ain personal retaliation and satisfaction. After being passed over by Othello for the immature, inexperient Cassio, Iago seeks a bloody retaliation. To Iago # 8217 ; s advantage he was known by everyone in Venice including Othello, as an honest adult male who cared much about the good will of his friends. In the given transition from Act III, Scene three, Iago # 8217 ; s delusory character traits softly add to the T haem and secret plan of the calamity. He pretends to be the † Honest Iago † that Othello knows him as by giving Othello respectful warnings about Desdemona. A good illustration of this fawning is when Iago states that he feels that he is † bound † to state Othello about the atrocious matter that he suspects. This full transition sets the phase for the Iago’s evil confederacy against Othello. Iago knows that Othello trusts him and it is that trust which Iago is traveling to utilize to his advantage. Iago says things like † I shall hold ground to demo the love and responsibility that I bear you with franker spirit † to be certain that Othello trusts in his every word. This fawning technique used by Iago in this transition proves successful because shortly thenceforth Othello does believe in every word that Iago says about his married woman. Iago takes entire control over Othello’s head by enticing him with his words and utilizing the co mponent of trust to his advantage. In this peculiar transition, the manner of Iago # 8217 ; s address is really cautious. He is really careful in what he says to the Moor and he is certain to neer do a error. This full address in Act III rolls swimmingly from his lingua as he begs his beloved friend to # 8221 ; look to your married woman, Observe her well with Cassio # 8221 ; ( 2136 ) . This is smartly done because it forces Othello to conceive of in his ain head the atrocious idea of his darling married woman in bed with another adult male. Intelligently, Iago leaves the possibility of Desdemona # 8217 ; s unfaithfulness unfastened to the head of Othello by turn outing to him that # 8221 ; They dare non demo their hubbies ; their best scruples is non to go forth # 8217 ; t undone, but keep # 8217 ; t unknown # 8221 ; ( 2136 ) . This is a elusive warning to Othello about the manner that many adult females of Venice work when they cheat. The ground Iago is so effectual is because he leaves Othello hanging with these wretched ideas. By inquiring Othello to be careful ; # 8221 ; non covetous nor unafraid # 8220 ; ( 2136 ) , Iago is antagonising Othello by engrafting images that he knows he will be able to pull strings and play with in the hereafter. This manner of address used by Iago is so convincing that it is even scaring at times. Consequently, Iago successfully manipulates the head of Othello and drives him huffy with green-eyed monster. The root of the dramas subject of green-eyed monster prevarications within the character of Iago. The drama revolves around his resentment towards Othello for being passed up. This go throughing up consequences in Iago falling into a covetous fury and going obsessed with retaliation. The given transition from Act III illustrates the compulsion Iago has with retribution because it reveals such a sophisticated component to the play. This transition is where Iago infects the head of Othello with covetous ideas. Although Othello is non yet convinced that Desdemona has cheated, he has now seen her commit an extramarital act with his imaginativeness. Iago uses this to slowly weaken Othello and to do him experience merely every bit covetous as he does. Any kind of ocular cogent evidence from this point on would be adequate to drive Othello into a barbarian fury. Ultimately Iago # 8217 ; s program is successful because he deceives Othello with false cogent evidence that drives Othello mad. The words in the transition are of import, but it is the careful manner of Iago # 8217 ; s address that finally extinguishes Iago # 8217 ; s threat Othello. The subject of green-eyed monster is displayed throughout William Shakespeare # 8217 ; s calamity Othello and is outstanding in the selected transition. The decease of Othello and the stabbing of Iago prove to Shakespeare # 8217 ; s audience that jealousy drives people to perpetrate both inhumane and unneeded Acts of the Apostless. The subject of green-eyed monster has been touched upon by many writers but was perfected by the artistic imaginativeness of Shakespeare. Iago # 8217 ; s evil, delusory character has been compared to that of the Snake in the Bible # 8217 ; s # 8221 ; Garden of Eden. # 8221 ; Like Iago in Othello, Satan is a covetous adversary who seeks retaliation in The Bible. Iago # 8217 ; s cautious, yet converting manner of address additions the trust of Othello merely like the Snake ( Satan ) additions the trust of Eve in The Garden of Eden. Following these conversations with the # 8221 ; devil # 8221 ; one can spot that the tragic defect of both Othello and Eve is their trusting in the # 8221 ; Satan. # 8221 ; Shakespeare, William. # 8221 ; Othello. # 8221 ; The Norton Shakespeare. Ed. Stephen Greenblatt, et Al. 1st Ed. Vol.1. New York: W.W. Norton A ; Company 1997. 2091-2174.

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School of Mechanical Essay Example

School of Mechanical Essay Example School of Mechanical Essay School of Mechanical Essay School of Mechanical and Building Sciences Term End Examination – Model Question Paper – April / May 2011 B. Tech. Mechanical Engineering VI Semester Course: MEE308 Industrial Engineering and Management Time: Three hours Max. Marks: 100 Part-A (55 = 25 Marks) Answer any FIVE questions 1. Explain the need for sales forecasting. 2. Discuss about various elements of cost. 3. Bring out the importance of industrial engineering in an industry giving suitable examples. 4. Draw the symbols used for different recording techniques and bring out their importance. 5. How the plant layouts are related to type of production? . What are the factors that influence the selection of material handling equipment? 7. Distinguish between job production and mass production. Part-B (515 = 75Marks) Answer any FIVE questions 8. (a) Compare moving average and exponential smoothing forecasting methods. (b) The annual sales (in Lakhs of rupees) of a product for the past eleven years in given below: Year: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 891011 Sales: 45 43 50 51 62 52 54 64 60 74 71 Using linear regression analysis, forecast the sales for 12th year. 5+10Marks) 9. A medium scale industry incurs the following costs for their products annually. The production volume on an average is 12000 a year. i) Raw material cost including losses due to scrap and wastage (due to rejection) = Rs. 50000 ii) Tool cost = Rs. 4000 iii) Cost of lubricants, cutting fluids, grease etc. = Rs. 2000 iv) Wages to skilled hands engaged on production = Rs. 20000 v) Wages to foremen, other supervisory staff = Rs. 40000 vi) Expenses of office staff (salary, bonus etc. = Rs. 12000 vii) Expenses on sales and distribution agencies = Rs. 8000 viii) Expenses on insurance, lighting etc. = Rs. 4000 Find (a) selling price if 10% is profit on unit cost, (b) direct cost as percent of total cost and (c) indirect cost as percent of total cost. 10. (a) Illustrate different strategies for improving the productivity with examples. (b) Enlist the factors influencing productivity. Explain how each factor will affect productivity. (7 + 8Marks) 11. Describe the steps for doing a method study of job process.Illustrate one of the recording techniques used in the method improvement with a case example. 12. (a) Explain flexible manufacturing system. Its advantages and disadvantages. (b) Discuss the role of material handling systems in improving the productivity of a company. (10+5Marks) 13. Consider the following data on layout planning Area of departments and scale: Department Area (m2) 1. 8000 2. 12000 3. 12000 4. 8000 5. 8000 6. 12000 7. 8000 REL chart: |1 |- | |2 |O |- | |3 |E |U |- | 4 |E |I |U |- | |5 |I |O |A |I |- | |6 |O |U |O |U |A |- | |7 |E | | |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 |7 |8 | |For K product |25 |15 |120 |0 |60 |0 |15 |0 |What should be the size of the orders for item M and when should the orders be released? (5+10Marks) K LT = 2 M(2) LT = 1 R(1) LT = 3 P(2) LT = 4 J LT = 1 M(1) LT = 1

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Prince William essays

Prince William essays In this essay, Prince William will be discussed based on information obtained through research on him and his family including general and personal information on him, his schooling and the important influences in his life. Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis Windsor is one of the most known people in the world despite the fact that he is only sixteen. This essay contains general information on Prince William, personal information, Prince Williamss education and his life story obtained from various magazine articles throughout his life. General information will include who Prince William is, where he was born, different forms of his name, and what other monarchists he is related to and how he is related to them. For personal information, Prince Williams physical description, his "likes and dislikes," and his personality will be discussed. His childhood schools will be mentioned and a description of Eton College will be included. The public can often obtain as much information on a famous person's life as they want and because of this abundance of information, Prince William's life will be detailed along with his influences in his life like Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Henry, and Alexandria "Tiggy" Legge-Bourke. "History-to-History" will include another member of the royal family born in 1066 named William I "the Conqueror," who was as famous during his ruling period as much as Prince William is in the 1990s. This essay will cover the above topics. Prince William of Whales is second in line of inheritance to the British throne after Prince Charles of Whales, who is first. He was born June 21, 1982 at 9:03 p.m. weighing seven pounds, ten ounces at Saint Mary's Hospital in Paddington, London after his mother endured seventeen hours of labor. When he was born, his father, Prince Charles said "Nearly seventeen hours is a long time to wait ... Obviously, I am relieve...

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How might performance-related pay (PRP) improve performance Are there Essay

How might performance-related pay (PRP) improve performance Are there other forms of financial incentive that could be better suited to the task - Essay Example Thus, need to identify measures that significantly impact the performance of the workforce has become intrinsic to the success of the firms. The paper would focus on the issues vis-Ã  -vis financial incentives that considerably impact the employees’ performance. Human resource is central to the organizational visions and goals and HR leadership initiatives become crucial factor for creating and organizing an effective workforce that is able to make valuable contribution to the increased output and improved performance outcome of the organizational. Hence, HR strategy needs to be redefined as globalization has ushered in a huge database of human capital whose potential needs to be exploited to realize one’s own vision and mission (Taylor, 2008). The challenges of multicultural fabric of society are myriad. Now, the workforce must be looked upon as resource that can be tapped to improve and improvise the performance of the organization in the fiercely competitive business setting. HR leaders need to be aware that the traditional process of labour deployment is undergoing a fast transformation, both in terms of quality and quantity. Scholars assert that information technology and new media of communication channels in the past decade and a half have ushered in radical new forms of processes (Freeman and Perez 1988, Best 1990). The rapidly changing models of work environment has made it imperative for the employees and the job aspirants alike, to keep themselves updated with the knowledge and use of all the latest gadgets and processes which are increasingly replacing the older model of office efficiencies. The innovative measures that link pay to the performance and other such incentive driven tools have increasingly being adopted by the organizational leadership. Bloisi (2007) emphasizes that performance management primarily defines the process through which the managers ensure that employees’ output is at par with that of

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Motivation and Work Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Motivation and Work Design - Essay Example This paper discusses the motivators’ significance and outline ways by which employers can design job roles to take account of individual motivations. Many motivational theories exist that offer bases for understanding effects of motivational factors and strategies for moderating the effects as well as ways for monitoring effects of the factors. Theory X and theory Y, as McGregor offers, is one of such theories. The theory establishes assumptions on human behavior to develop a framework for understanding people in a work environment and to influence actions and behavior of the people towards desired outcomes. Theory X assumes that people are not willing to conform to expectations and calls for managers and organizations’ control of people for achievement of objectives. It therefore suggests guidelines that can be attained through push factors such as punitive measures for failure to comply. Theory Y however argues for responsible behavior and actions in which people can align themselves to set goals in their organizations and work towards realization of the goals (Saiyadain 2009, p. 167). According to Theory X, people do not like work and this means that external influence is necessary to influence completion of desired works. The theory also assumes that people are less ambitious and do not like responsibilities. Instead, they prefer to work under control. In addition, people lack creativity into completing tasks and generating solutions into problems to support the postulate of necessity of external influence. In recognition of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, Theory X assumes that people are motivated at â€Å"physiological and safety levels† (Saiyadain 2009, p. 167). Intimidation is further necessary on people in order to ensure achievement or objectives. A consideration of Theory Y assumptions however recognizes people’s willingness to work provided that suitable conditions exist. Contrary to external pressure to influencing organizational

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Iphone Marketing strategy Essay Example for Free

Iphone Marketing strategy Essay Since its launch, in 2007, and until the end of 2013, Apple sold 500 million iPhones. Its an impressive number. in 2012 alone, Apple sold 120 million iPhones, in 2013 Apple sold 160 million iPhones. Without a doubt, the iPhone has become a cult product, a must have device. Which are the secrets behind the iPhone astounding success? To understand the spectacular iPhone success, and the iPhone phenomenon, we need to start by analyzing the cellular telephone market in the years immediately before the launch of the first iPhone, And the situation inside Apple. Before the iPhone launch, infact, Apple was not a cellular telephone manufacturer, and had zero experience in cellular telephones marketing.  Its only expertise was in computer hardware, computer software, and in portable music devices (the iPod). In 2005-2006, the cellular telephone market was considered a mature and saturated market, with narrow margins, dominated by Nokia and Motorola. And by the Blackberry in the high end, especially in the business and corporate world, which were needing email writing, sending and receiving capability on their cellphone, with a suitable keyboard for texting messages. A mature and saturated market with a fiery competition, such as the cellphone market in 2005-2006, was allowing narrow margins, therefore was unanimously considered unappealing by financial and business analysts. When rumours came out, in 2005-2006, that Apple was in the process of developing a cellular telephone, financial and business analysts were at best skeptical.   To be true, the consensus among financial analysts was that the Apple cellphone would have been a terrible flop. Some of them were privately saying that they were suspecting Apple executives had gone completely mad, to enter such a saturated and non-profitable market. Very few, among the business analysts, had the more objective attitude to just wait and see.  Then, the day came, and the iPhone was launched.  But Apple began with 3 huge, terrible mistakes. We expand on them onwards. When the iPhone was launched, in June 2007, it made an impact. It impressed. The touch user interface and the sleek and beautiful design by Jonathan Ive and his team made it a masterpiece of technology and design. The iPhone was decidedly a superior product.  had a host of pluses against the competition (Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry) It was a highly innovative product, a different product from the other cellphones on the market at the time. Moreover, it was significantly larger and bulkier than the other cellular telephones in the market, when the market trend, for years, had been to have smaller and smaller cellphones: the smaller cellphone you had, the cooler you were. The Apple iPhone went decidedly against the trend. Today, in 2013, with 500 million iPhones sold, and with Apple stock market capitalization at $500 billion, it is easy to affirm that the iPhone has been a game changer. It surely has. Ultimately, today we can affirm that the appearance of the iPhone on the market caused the death of the Blackberry, and the loss by Nokia and Motorola of their previously dominant position in the cellular telephone market. The reason is simple: The iPhone is a clearly superior product. Its touch control features, and its enticing user interface, made the iPhone become a cult product. But in 2005-2006, before it came out, things were different. And the perception was different when the iPhone first came out. No-one, in 2006, would have imagined that an Apple cellphone would have sold 500 million units in 6 years.. No-one would have thought this even in June 2007, when it was launched. The first generation iPhone was launched only in the US on June 29, 2007. It was subsequently launched in three more markets UK, Germany and France 5 months later, in November 2007. In July 2008 the second generation iPhone, the iPhone 3G, was launched at the same time in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France,Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico and Brasil. The third generation iPhone, the iPhone 3GS, was launched in June 2009. Each iPhone generation had more features that the previous generation, and had longer battery life, and rendered the previous generation iPhones obsolete. The fourth generation iPhone, the iPhone 4, was launched in June 2010. The iPhone 4S was launched in October 2011. The iPhone 5 was launched in September 2012. The iPhone 5C and 5S were launched in September 2013. Planned Obsolescence has been a conscious marketing strategy by Apple. Thus, any Apple costumers knows (or pretend not to know) that he buys a product that in 12 months will become old and obsolete. However, examining the sales data, this planned obsolescence strategy paid off for Apple, But which were the 3 serious marketing strategy mistakes that Apple made when it launched the iPhone? The 3 Mistakes that Apple made when it launched the iPhone. Mistake #1. To purchase an iPhone, you had to sign a 24 months contract with ATT. You had to marry ATT. And many potential costumers did not want this marriage. you were locked on a 24 months contract with ATT. An expensive contract. In the end, if you were wanting to buy an iPhone, its real cost was more than 2000 dollars. Why forcing your costumers to sign a contract with a service provider? And why a single provider, not giving any other choice? Why not letting your costumers simply buy an iPhone, and let them free to arrange a contract as they please? Infact, there were numerous complaints by iPhone costumers and potential costumers, on this issue. Even, a widespread hacking practice took place, significantly called jailbreak: on several websites appeared step by step instructions on how to hack the iPhone software to let it operate with a different service provider. Infact, 3.3 million iPhones were sold in the US between June andl December 2007, but only 2 million contracts were signed with ATT. Were did the remaining 1.3 million iPhones go? It has to be remarked that the iPhone jailbreak practice infurated Apple executives, who, instead of recognized their marketing strategy mistake, criminalized the jailbreaking behaviour, to the point of blackmailing costumers doing the jailbraking. Mistake #2. On June 29, 2007 the iPhone was launched in the US. It was put on sale only in the US, and in no other nation in the world. Only in November 2007, 5 months later, the iPhone was launched in a few other countries. To be precise, it was launched in just 3 other countries: UK, Germany and France. In each of these countries with the same silly formula that Apple used in the US, forcing the costumer to sign a 24 months contract with a service provider. and in each country with a different provider: O2 in the UK, T-Mobile in Germany, Orange in France. This was a bad marketing choice by Apple.  There were millions of potential costumers all around the world who were wanting to buy an iPhone, but couldnt, because in their own country it was not on sale.  Many of them went to such length to ask to their friends in the US or traveling to the US to buy one for them. Finally, only on July 11, 2008, one full year after the initial launch in the US, the iPhone was put on sale in other countries, in Europe: Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium;  and in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brasil. It was already the 3rd generation iPhone, the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Why so late? Besides, it is interesting to verify the jam and confusion of different prices, terms and monthly fees charged by the service providers in the European countries: O2 in the UK, T-Mobile in Germany, Austria and Netherlands, Orange in France, Swisscom in Switzerland, Vodafone in Italy, Telia Sonera in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland. It was the perfect formula to confuse potential iPhone costumers and push them away. A self-hammering marketing strategy by Apple. In our opinion, this was a totally wrong marketing strategy by Apple. Infact, numbers do not lie: from July 2008 until the end of 2013, Apple sold a total of 500 million iPhones. From June 2007 until December 2007 when the iPhone was available only in US only 3.3 million iPhones had been sold. Mistake #3 iPhone Pricing. On June 29, 2007, when the iPhone was launched in the US, its retail price was.$599. Just 3 months after, Apple reduce the iPhone price to $399 a 33% rebate . This was an unelegant way to betray and exploit the iPhone early adopters Apple most faithful costumers. And infact, many of them complained with Apple. A smart and attentive company must not indulge in such serious mistakes, betraying their most faithful customer base. Apple had other 3 better options: Apple could have waited 1 year before reducing the price of the iPhone, or: Apple could have delayed the iPhone launch for 3 months, or: Apple could have set the iPhone retail price at $399, since the initial launch. Besides, in July 2008, the iPhone 3G was sold at $199, 66% less than the launch price of just one year earlier. This is not a serious pricing policy. Consideration. Each of these 3 mistakes constituted a bottleneck factor which confused costumers, and seriously hampered the iPhone sales potential in the first year and a half. However, in the following years Apple corrected and amended these mistakes, and things went smoothly and successfully for the company. Infact, from 2008 until 2013, Apple sold 500 million units. in 2012 alone, Apple sold 120 million iPhones, in 2013 Apple sold 120 million iPhones. The iPhone was also a precursor product of the iPad. The iPad, infact, has numerous features and technologies which derive from the iPhone, the main one being the touch control system and the user interface. The iPad, infact, is a sort of big brother of the iPhone. The iPhone certainly has been the key product of the spectacular growth of Apple revenues today at $156 billion in 1 year -, of Apple profits, and stock market capitalization today at $500 billion, making Apple the #1 company in Wall St. See more at: http://www.vertygoteam.com/apple/iphone_marketing_strategy.php#sthash.YDqfyvTj.dpuf